St. Louis Children's Hospital Newsletter - December 2016
St. Louis Children’s Hospital
December 2016

We hope you enjoy this month’s health and wellness news from St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Photo “Honey, I’m Here to Listen”

Children react to upsetting stories and images in many ways. To help your child deal with a scary event she’s seen in the news, lend her your ears.


Health & Wellness

Picking the Right App for Your Child

Yes, “There’s an app for that.”™ But not every app is good for every child. Here’s how to keep your child safe when using smartphones and tablets.


Brain Teasers

Is your brain getting enough exercise? Strong muscles help you grow, and a strong brain keeps you smart. 


Solutions for Sniffles

Parents need only two things to unstuff a stuffy nose—saline and suction.



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